Mest Construction is a team of experts consisting of engineers, interior architects and 
contractors in the field of healthcare buildings architecture. We build modern spaces where both health professionals and patients can feel at home, safe and well; and put our signature under designs which embrace the residents with love and care by prioritizing warmth and comfort.  

When we commence a health project, we seek answers to questions such as: What are the 
construction criteria of the building? How should the most appropriate operating room be 
designed? How should a patient’s room be to give hope and joy of live? Therefore, in each stage of the project, our expert architects and team considers every single detail of the planning, 
implementation and medical layout subjects. As a team working with passion, our main 
principle is not to build four walls, but to create a lifestyle.

We are aware that the cost is also important to our customers. We guarantee to use our 
resources in the most efficient way and to minimize costs at an optimum level by concurrently conducting project financing processes such as surveys, cost analyses and estimated budget studies. With our national and international solution partners,

We work in accordance with each country’s legal conditions and regulations, provide licenses based on application standards of relevant government institutions and ministry of health of our customers, and provide services in international standards. Thanks to our multidisciplinary 
business model, we manage the testing and commissioning processes of the projects and 
construct turnkey healthcare buildings.   

As Mest Construction, we work in order to make your dreams come true beyond your 
expectations and turn your investments into a story of success.