Mest Construction has the expertise, experience and resources to provide consultancy to ensure successful service delivery and provide design-led solutions aimed at meeting our clients’ business needs.


This service includes only the preparation of architectural project in accordance with zoning legislation and the legislation of the Ministry of Health submission to the investor, if requested. Our project consulting service can also include, if requested, the drawing of mechanical, electrical and concrete projects to be prepared in accordance with zoning legislation and the legislation of the Ministry of Health.


Mest Construction provides professional advice and detailed recommendations on the all types of buildings, by preparing and orchestrating on site building contracts of any scale.


Mest Construction has been a full-service provider of professional construction and contracting services for a wide variety of clients ranging from those with a local focus to those with a international scope.


This service includes job tracking with the municipalities, completing the architectural projects in accordance with the legislations of the Ministry of Health and municipalities, receiving necessary approvals from relevant chambers, after receiving building license consulting services provided all building works have been finished. During the application consulting period a feasibility work is prepared regarding all productions and that this process is followed to make sure it is in consistent with the programme.


We can make sure all production is made in accordance with the projects prepared before or by our company , if requested. We can get all necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health for this kind of projects.


This includes, if requested, the services provided for a process. The process starts with receiving the land and ends with the receiving the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health.


Mest Construction Healthcare Services carries 6 million squaremeter of experience associated with 18,000 beds in hospital and healthcare technology management.